launches Privacy Shield for its Canadian users

Vancouver, B.C. (December 21, 2016) – Privatis Technology Corporation, the innovator of Privacy Shield—a sophisticated privacy protection suite offering anonymous communications supported by unsurpassed robocall and scammer blocking technologies—is pleased to publicize the partnership of its proprietary technology with the classified site is one of the first Privatis clients to implement the Privacy Shield Classified Plug-In, a new product which is fully integrated into classified marketplaces websites to protect the privacy of buyers and sellers by concealing their real contact information. The classified Plug-In will display an anonymous phone number and email address that connects to the user’s real contact information allowing legitimate shoppers to contact them.  The product also provides around the clock screening against known solicitors, telemarketers and fraudsters to help stop unwanted communication and fraud.


Sellers and buyers on classified sites are regularly targeted by telemarketers and fraudsters who scrape content and place thousands of robocalls to publicly listed personal email addresses and phone numbers on a daily basis. At a time when online transactions and communications are subject to scams and fraudulent activity, it is paramount that online classified websites and marketplaces are taking the necessary measures to protect their clients.


Previously, Privacy Shield has allowed users to email, call, and send SMS text messages safely on popular classified sites such as,, As a plug-in, the powerful JavaScript-based widget now makes it easier for classifieds websites to provide the full benefits of Privacy Shield to all of their users through a simple sign-up process.

For more info on the Privatis Privacy Shield classified Plug-In, please request a demo here.


About Privatis Technologies Corporation

Privatis provides privacy tools that protect users of online classified ad sites and marketplaces from harassment by telemarketers and fraudsters while facilitating seamless communications by phone, SMS and email. Privatis has developed proprietary blocking algorithms and utilizes Rapid Autodialer Detector™ (RAD) technology to detect and block robocalls and spam from telemarketers and fraudsters. Privatis was started in 2010 by founder and CEO Steven J. McAuley, a veteran auto industry executive who led a team of technologists to build proprietary products to allow sellers and buyers to connect confidently. The company has offices in Vancouver, Los Angeles and India.


About is Canada’s largest Canadian-owned online classifieds company and is part of Black Press Community News Media. The organization is headquartered in Victoria, BC, a city that is rich in both technology companies and entrepreneurs. This home base provides the perfect location for this Canadian-focused technology company to both learn from their peers and explore leading-edge innovation. As an end goal, helps its users save their money by both selling and buying used items, so that they can make their income stretch further. With more than two million unique visitors and 55 million page views per month, the family-friendly site is free from adult content, making it a safe place for brands to reach Canadians at a hyper-local level.

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