Tracking Privacy: Monday February 24th, 2014

Privatis_Tracking_Privacy_SQ_WhiteTracking Privacy, by Privatis Technology Corporation, brings you relevant stories that highlight the evolving discussion surrounding privacy from across the web.

“Never has the need to update the privacy laws of the United States been more urgent,” says a letter planned for delivery Monday morning and signed by three dozen organizations, including Consumers Union, the American Civil Liberties Union and Public Citizen. [Washington Post]

Following the Snowden snooping revelations, there is growing interest in a range of mobile phone products with one central selling point: privacy. [Chicago Tribune]

In the above article, the Blackphone is mentioned. Touted as the Anti-NSA Phone, it’s now available for preorder at a cost of $629. [The Next Web]

The chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation – best known for the Firefox web browser – has said that more needs to be done to protect citizens across the world from mass surveillance, singling out the U.S. for its lack of resolve. [CNBC]

Privacy and Messaging Apps: What Should You Know?  A five minute video discussion. [WSJ]

Another example of Germans protecting their mobile privacy: Bye Bye, WhatsApp: Germans Switch To Threema For Privacy Reasons [Tech Crunch]

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