Tracking Privacy: Monday, February 10th, 2014

Tracking Privacy, by Privatis Technology Corporation, brings you relevant stories that highlight the evolving discussion surrounding privacy from across the web.

Google-France-privacy-warning_610x425Visitors to Google France were greeted  with a notice of a fine related to a finding that Google violated French privacy law. The listed link, to the French Privacy Watchdog’s website, received so much traffic, that the site ended up being down for some time. [Daily Mail]

Why Verizon Wireless wants to share your data – and why one man said no [Computer World]

The University of Toronto weighs in on internet privacy. [The Varsity]

British newspaper The Guardian asks: Worried about your privacy? Wait until the drones start stalking you. [The Guardian]

Are consumers willing to trade privacy for a price? [Huffington Post]

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