Tracking Privacy: February 7th, 2014

Privatis_Tracking_Privacy_WhiteTracking Privacy, by Privatis Technology Corporation, brings you relevant stories that highlight the evolving discussion surrounding privacy from across the web. 

As the Winter Olympic Games kick off in Sochi, American media has been commentating on the potential hacking risks, reporters and athletes face when they log onto their smartphones or laptops. [CBS News]

The number of requests for Twitter users’ data from governments worldwide has continued to rise. Twitter complies with requests from U.S. authorities about 70 percent of the time. [PC World]

Over the past year, security protection for Android devices has become a significant priority for users. [Droid Report]

Ann Cavoukian, the information and privacy commissioner for Ontario asks: “Where are the apps for privacy? There is huge room for growth in this area.” App Development is one of five privacy jobs that she expects to boom in the coming years. [MacLean’s]

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