Tracking Privacy: Canada’s CRTC Wants Your Help in the Battle Against Illegitimate Calls

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It’s the dog days of summer. We hope that you’re enjoying long, lazy days, somewhere peaceful and that you’re tree of harassment from telemarketers. If however, you’ve still been receiving intrusive phone calls from fraudsters, there are two things you can do to right now to help you enjoy the rest of summer in peace.

First, you can check out Privacy Shield, the new app Privatis launched earlier this month. With Privacy Shield, communications are made a whole lot safer. By signing up for our premium account (only $3.99/month) you’ll get your own local privacy telephone number, privacy email address and unlimited text messaging. You’ll be able to protect your real personal contact information and manage your communications on your desktop or mobile device. OK, no more self-promotion from this point onwards.

Secondly, if you’re a Canadian citizen, your government wants to hear from you. On July 23rd, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) “launched a public consultation to better understand the technical solutions that are currently offered to help Canadians manage unsolicited telecommunications and illegitimate telemarketing calls.”

With the feedback they receive, the CRTC hopes to be able to provide proper guidance to Canadians trying to avoid unwanted telephone harassment from scammers. There are three areas of focus that the CRTC is most concerned with:

  • They want to know about the technical solutions available to help Canadians manage unsolicited or illegitimate calls
  • They hope to address the barriers Canadians may face to adopting or using these solutions, and
  • Hope to learn about new and innovative solutions that could help them manage unsolicited telecommunications and illegitimate telemarketing calls.

The CRTC will be accepting submissions until October 16th. There are three ways for you to offer your feedback. You can fill out an online form, send a letter or reach them by fax. Details are available here.

Do you have any tips for Canadians looking to avoid harassment from telefraudsters? Make your voice heard and let the CRTC know about it today.

CTRC Release

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