The Age of the Internet of Things and What You Need to Know

smarter-wifi-coffee-machineThere has been much publicity surrounding the Internet of Things as we see the emerging technology taking shape in our lives today through the proliferation of “smart” devices in our homes and workplaces. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in which objects or people are provided with unique identifiers that allow them to transfer data wirelessly over a network without direct interaction. There are infinite possibilities for how IoT might take shape. For example, you might set up your office to sense when it is running low on supplies and send out automatic orders, or make your mornings go more smoothly by connecting your alarm clock to your coffee maker.

As we engage with a growing number of devices such as the Apple Watch, smart TV, and automated home security system, we are also confronted with the implications that an increasingly interconnected world will have on our privacy. In addition to raising mass surveillance concerns, the Internet of Things can open up your network to more security threats, leaving companies and households vulnerable to hackers through multiple entry points.

This not only presents a challenge for companies, which are facing massive amounts of data that will need to be analyzed and stored, but also for individuals, who are asking what manufacturers and tech giants will do ensure the security of their sensitive personal data as they plug into the Internet of Things. Here at Privatis, we have been keeping an eye on the latest developments and have expanded these ideas into an info-graphic. Welcome to the Internet of Things. Here’s what you need to know:

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