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Provide Extra Layers of Personal Communication Safety

Communicating by telephone, SMS and email in a safe and private manner can be challenging for dating site members. By providing a privacy phone number for phone calls and SMS plus enabling two-way anonymous email dialogue onsite and offsite, members will have greater confidence by controlling when and with whom to disclose their real personal contact information.

Control Communication Preferences

Putting greater control of communication preferences in the hands of members improves trust and confidence in the dating site they choose. Members can connect confidently by setting parameters that match their sense of personal safety when communicating with others. Unwanted communication advances can be blocked by members within the Secure Messaging management dashboard and personal threats can create alerts which could impact the safety of other members.

Block Unwanted Communication Attempts and Advances

From time-to-time members experience unwanted communication attempts and advances which can range from uncomfortable and a nuisance to harmful and threatening. Empowering members with privacy communications tools for phone, SMS and email brings more confidence to the online dating site facilitating growth in membership, reductions in churn, increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction for members.

Organize Online Dating Experience

Online dating sites continue to grow in popularity with usage rates and success stories on the rise. Members, who use one site or many, face challenges with simply managing connections and ongoing communication. The Privatis Secure Messaging dashboard enables effective and organized management of call records, SMS and emails in one central easy-to-use console. Reviewing chat’s and voicemails, sending email or returning calls and SMS is easier than ever before and can be done while remaining anonymous and protecting members real personal contact information.

Business Intelligence

Gain enhanced insights into the communication preferences of online dating site members based on real usage metrics and analytics by telephone, SMS and email. Analysis of time of day, frequency, contact counts by source and length of communications all lead to a deeper understanding of the user base providing improved product development knowledge plus a method to generate greater influence over advertising content and revenue.

Features & Benefits

Privacy Phone Number

A local, anonymous phone number is issued and can be used by members to mask their real personal phone number adding an extra layer of safety and control when connecting with other members by phone or SMS. Calls and texts are routed to the members’ personal phone number and managed on the Secure MessagingTM dashboard keeping the personal contact details private, anonymous and safe for as long as the member desires.

Call & SMS Blocking

Developed from the Privatis Rapid Autodialer DetectorTM (RAD), a series of patent-pending, proprietary call screening and blocking algorithms which identify and block telemarketer and fraudster robocalls and text messages so only calls from legitimate parties can connect. Online dating members can operate with more confidence and safety knowing that if unwanted, disturbing or threatening calls or texts come through, members can simply block the unique caller ID of the other party from connecting with them again. All while keeping their real personal contact information private.

Two Way Anonymous Email

The email address of both members are masked and encrypted providing increased privacy and safety for both parties. For convenience, emails are delivered to the Secure MessagingTM dashboard and the seller’s personal email account, and can be managed from any device

Secure Messaging Dashboard

The Secure MessagingTM dashboard makes the online dating process safer and easier to manage by providing a central location to organize calls, SMS, and emails through desktop, tablet or smartphone. A hub for communications management, members are empowered to personally block unwanted calls, SMS or emails and review recorded calls, voicemails, emails, notes, FAQ and video tutorials.

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