Auto Buyer Tools

The Privatis Automotive Buyer Tool provides shoppers with more control over the online automotive buying experience by delivering a privacy communications platform along with the Secure MessagingTM dashboard to manage and organize interactions with dealers and private sellers.

Finding and buying a car online can be a daunting task to manage. There are many automotive and general classified sites to choose from and all include a mix of vehicles for sale from private sellers and car dealers, both franchised and independent. The Privatis solution makes the process safer and easier to manage.


What you Get

Privacy protection for online automotive shoppers

Protect the shopper’s real contact information while facilitating phone, SMS and email correspondence. Shoppers can request quotations from dealers and make inquiries to private sellers while never having to disclose their real personal contact information. A fully-featured privacy suite promotes safe and effective communications using a masked phone number and anonymous email address.

Shoppers control the communication

With the option of communicating by phone, SMS or email over the Privatis platform, shoppers maintain control of communication preferences. Shoppers can proactively restrict, limit or block unwanted calls, SMS and email messages at any time. Once a buying decision has been made a shopper can block calls and emails from dealers that may continue many weeks or months later.

Improve the experience for online automotive shoppers

The Secure MessagingTM dashboard helps shoppers manage and organize interactions with dealers and private sellers. Managing quotations on multiple vehicles from multiple dealers can be difficult to organize and track. The Privatis solution operates as a contact management system for online automotive buyers, helping them manage calls, emails and quotes for multiple sources.

Increase the number of quality leads to the dealer community

With their personal information remaining private and the ability to control communications, shoppers gain more confidence in requesting dealer quotes. The quantity and quality of leads to the dealer network increase and the relationship between shoppers and the dealer network improves.

Extend communication reach

As the frontline communications platform facilitating communication between sellers and buyers, the Secure MessagingTM system creates the opportunity to deliver targeted messages to both seller and buyer at multiple touch points in their phone, SMS and email communication. Banner and tower ad units are available in the Secure Messaging dashboard for strategic content, offers and campaigns. Fully customizable messaging can be inserted into the telephone IVR system providing access to millions of new impressions.

Increase Time on Site

Sellers manage the entire sales process from a branded Secure MessagingTM dashboard integrated into the classified ad site. As a direct, dependable consumer interface, host websites benefit from the added time on site and increased loyalty from an engaged and focused consumer base. Calls, SMS and emails are managed through the dashboard keeping sellers on the classified site to manage their communications for the duration of the sales cycle.

Gather Business Intelligence

Privatis tools capture valuable analytics about communication patterns of sellers and buyers that can be analyzed to improve the customer experience and enhance brand value. This data helps drive new revenue streams for targeted ad campaigns on the communications platform via web, mobile, phone, email and SMS.

Features & Benefits

Secure Messaging dashboard

The Secure MessagingTM dashboard makes the selling process safer and easier by providing a central location to manage and organize calls, SMS, and emails through desktop, tablet or smartphone. A hub for communications management, seller’s are empowered to personally block unwanted calls or emails and review recorded calls, voicemails, emails, notes, FAQs and video tutorials.

Privacy Phone Number

An anonymous phone number is issued for the shopper to mask the individual’s real phone number. Calls are routed to the shopper’s real phone number and managed on the Secure MessagingTM dashboard keeping the shopper’s personal contact details private.

Anonymous Emailing

The email address of shopper and seller are masked and encrypted for increased privacy and safety. For convenience, emails are delivered to the Secure MessagingTM dashboard and the shopper’s personal email account, and can be managed from any device.

Security Protocols

Secure MessagingTM is anchored on the highest security protocol standards, committed to protect personal information using encryption/decryption, SSL certificates and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPs) and integrated through the Privatis API.

Dependable & Scalable

Designed on a dependable IT infrastructure with network redundancy ensures continuity and avoids disruption of mission critical communication and data flow. Engineered with active-active failover, the systems are highly scalable and built to  expand to meet customer needs with protocols for data segregation designed to protect data integrity.

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