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Privacy Shield Plug in Privacy Shield InnovationWhether they are selling or buying goods and services, individuals who use online classified sites exchange their personal contact information on a daily basis. While this process is necessary for facilitating successful transactions, it can also expose the user’s sensitive details to fraudulent threats. Classified sites around the world have been taking precautions educating their customers to recognize scammers and protecting their privacy, however the problem persists and this is where Privacy Shield comes into play.
Privacy Shield protects customer’s privacy by showing buyers an anonymous phone number and email address on a classified advert. It also provides around the clock screening against known solicitors, telemarketers and fraudsters to help stop unwanted communication.

What it is

Privacy ShieldTM has allowed users to communicate without publicizing their sensitive information on popular classified sites such as,,, and Now available as a plug-in, all classifieds websites can easily offer the full benefits of Privacy ShieldTM to all of their users through a simple cost effective sign-up process.

How it works

The plug-in, which is JavaScript based, can be seamlessly integrated into any classified advertisement or location where the website wishes to offer Privacy ShieldTM. Sellers and buyers will have the option to click “Get Privacy Shield” when creating an account or placing an ad on the website. Once selected, it will launch a separate sign-up window for users to register for a Privacy ShieldTM account without leaving the site. All registered Privacy ShieldTM users will be given a unique email address and anonymous local phone number that protects their privacy and facilitates safe and easy communication using proprietary blocking rules and algorithms.


The Privacy ShieldTM plug-in is the latest innovation of Privatis Technology Corporation, whose patented privacy protection products allow users to protect their personal information and take control of their interactions through telephone, SMS messaging and email. The company has partnered with established classifieds websites such as,,, and, to offer millions of users easy and safe communications made possible with Privacy Shield’s unsurpassed robocall and scammer blocking technologies. In 2015, Privatis launched Privacy ShieldTM Direct, a powerful stand-alone application that empowers users to manage multiple privacy phone numbers and email accounts directly from their device.


Privacy ShieldTM plug-in is a cost-efficient and effective tool for online sellers and buyers as well as a powerful security feature when it is supported and fully employed by a classifieds website to protect its users from spam, scam, and any unwanted attention. Contact us for a demo here

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