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Privatis_Tracking_Privacy_WhitePrivatis Technology Corporation is pleased to introduce a new online publication: Tracking Privacy.

With regular postings throughout the week, Tracking Privacy will bring you relevant stories that highlight the evolving discussion surrounding privacy from across the web. The issue of privacy is posing challenges in all walks of life, from our personal home computer use, to corporate responsibility, to the role of government in the security of its people.

Tracking Privacy will monitor the discussion and bring you stories that shape the privacy debate.

Lets get started!

Tracking Privacy – February 3, 2014

If you love to play Angry Birds on your phone or tablet, it may interest you to know that the NSA is able to gather information about you from the addictive game. Find out how spy agencies can tap into your data and learn about what information you’re giving away, simply by playing a game on your smartphone.

“Many users have become much more careful about self-censoring, after being bombarded with advertising that transparently mines the content they post to friends. Women who announce their engagements on Facebook can rely upon advertisements for wedding dresses. Give it a year and the wedding dresses are pushed out in favour of maternity wear.” Lawfuel asks, does Facebook “Like” Privacy?

In Scotland, the safety provided by CCTV cameras in taxis was weighed against the need for privacy. [Herald Scotland]

CBC Radio’s The Current, spent a half hour discussing the recent revelations that CSEC was tracking travelers using airport wifi and how it impacts our psyche. Have a listen by clicking the link.


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