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The Age of the Internet of Things and What You Need to Know

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There has been much publicity surrounding the Internet of Things as we see the emerging technology taking shape in our lives today through the proliferation of “smart” devices in our homes and workplaces. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in which objects or people are provided with unique identifiers that allow them to […]

The Future of Mobile Payments

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With the growing popularity of Apple Pay and Facebook’s recently announced plans to make money-transfer available on its Messenger app, the subject of mobile payments has once again been brought to the fore. Mobile payment apps allow consumers to make purchases with their phones and leave their wallets at home, and are slowly replacing cash, […]

Protecting Yourself When Selling or Buying on Classified Market Places

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Now in its 11th year, Fraud Awareness Month is an annual public awareness campaign that works to prevent Canadians from becoming victims of fraud. During the month of March, we will be sharing tips on how to avoid scams and protect your privacy on classified marketplaces. Whether you are selling a car, a couch, or […]

Privatis Expands Footprint in India with the Establishment of New Office

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Privatis is pleased to announce the establishment of a research and development and product development office in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. The tremendous opportunities in mobile commerce in India have been well documented. Our own research provided us with substantial evidence that creating a presence in India was a business imperative for global success of our […]