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The Age of the Internet of Things and What You Need to Know

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There has been much publicity surrounding the Internet of Things as we see the emerging technology taking shape in our lives today through the proliferation of “smart” devices in our homes and workplaces. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in which objects or people are provided with unique identifiers that allow them to […]

The Evolving SMS Scams on Classified Sites

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Cell phone usage is at an all-time high, drawing much attention from fraudsters who are hoping to exploit the vulnerabilities of mobile communications for their personal gain. In 2013, phone scams cost approximately 17.6 million Americans a total of $8.6 billion. One of the most common ways fraudsters are targeting mobile users is through online […]

Tracking Privacy: Apple Commits To Privacy

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Tracking Privacy, by Privatis Technology Corporation, monitors the evolving discussion surrounding privacy while commenting on the stories that matter most to the the growing number of consumers who are making privacy a priority. “We don’t mine your email, your photos or your contacts in the cloud to learn things out about you, we honestly just […]

Internet Safety Month #ChatSTC

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On June 4, 2015, the privacy community gathered for a lively Twitter discussion to raise awareness of online safety threats and offer fraud prevention advice in celebration of Internet Safety Month. The chat engaged policy makers, industry leaders, security experts, students, and families to share experiences and useful strategies to prevent fraud and help make […]