• Privacy Shield Direct

    North American consumers can now talk, text and email without exposing their real contact information.

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  • Latest Privacy News

    Stay ahead of the latest security issues, visit our blog for privacy tips and news.

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  • Privacy Shield in Europe

    Motors.co.uk makes Privacy Shield available for all private sellers in the
    United Kingdom.

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  • Privacy Shield in Canada

    Used.ca, a subsidiary of Black Press Community News Media launches Privacy Shield for its Canadian users.

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  • Privacy Protection

    Protect private sellers on classified ad sites from fraud and robocall harassment.

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  • Dating site member privacy

    Provide safe and private communications for dating site members

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Privacy protection for classifed ad sites

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How it works

Privacy Shield in everyday life

  • I sell stuff online...

    I want to protect my privacy when I sell my car or any other item online and don’t want harassing robocalls.

    Get a communication solution that protects you from harassment by telemarketers and fraudsters while using online classified ad sites and marketplaces.

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  • I use online dating sites...

    I don’t want to give out my real phone number and email address until I’m sure about the other person.

    Privacy Shield gives you a unique phone number and email address to help protect your privacy. You can block any unwanted contact.

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  • I'm looking for a quote online...

    I don’t want to hand over my real contact information to the car dealer or insurance company until I make a buying decision.

    Get an online quote using your Privacy Shield phone number and email address to protect your privacy and control your communications.

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  • I need a business phone number...

    I run a small business and don’t want  my real phone number on my website or marketing material.

    Secure a unique phone number for your business at a fraction of the cost for a business line offered by big telephone companies.

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  • I travel a lot...

    I need to make calls when I travel but I don’t want to pay roaming charges.

    Make and receive local and long-distance calls over WIFI and 3G/4G networks with no roaming charges.

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Key Features

  • Privacy Phone Number

    Masked phone number provided and posted in the classified ad so the private seller real personal phone number is not revealed

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Customer call records, SMS, emails and voicemail data can be analyzed to provide valuable communication insights

  • Identify and block robocalls

    The Rapid Autodialer DetectorTM (RAD) identifies and blocks phone calls and text messages from fraudsters and telemarketers

  • Secure Messaging™ dashboard

    Personalized management for  calls, SMS, emails and voicemails in a centralized communications dashboard

  • Anonymous emailing

    Email communications preserve anonymity without exposing personal email  addresses

  • Easy API integration

    Quick to integrate, easy to scale with a simple API requiring minimal personally identifiable information